Total Solar Eclipse

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Since today we are witnessing the total solar eclipse (which I am watching as live feed right now) I thought I would share some thoughts of Dr. Brian Greene about the role of science in our contemporary culture.

“I think the rightful place for science is right alongside the other aspects of culture that we consider indispensable. We consider literature, music, theatre, films, dance, performances — all of these aspects of life as indispensable parts of our cultural makeup. If you were to go to people and say we have decided to eliminate films, we have decided to eliminate literature, it would be unthinkable. And I think that’s the way we need to think about science. It is a vital part of culture, it is a vital part of what makes life worth living. The problem is that most people think of science as a subject that they took in school, got through the exams and when they crossed the threshold of the science lab they left it behind. That’s not what science is. Science is a perspective, an outlook, its the way you rationally evaluate the world around you to come to some sense of what is true. Its hard to imagine anything more important than that. Now there are many ways of approaching truth. You can approach truth through literature, through art, through music and that’s wonderful. But all these different approaches are illuminating aspects of some fundamental reality that science has a wonderful capacity to reveal in its most stark, in its most breathtaking form. And that’s how we need to think about science.”

– Dr. Brian Greene, one of the leading theoretical physicist of our time. His area of research is String Theory, a field of study which attempts to explain Quantum Gravity, a still unsolved problem in Physics.


Back Home To A Gloomy Mumbai


Kolkata work is over. Back to Mumbai after 3 months. Wish it was a sunny welcome instead of this gloomy weather. When will the monsoon end?

Altered State #15

Akira Kurosawa: Write everyday. Read voraciously. Enrich yourself with a great reserve of memory. And never give up.

Me: Have I not taken your prescribed path Kurosawa-san?