The Island

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The island spreads her arms to the world
Westbound wind caresses her woods
Runs fingers through her grass blades
Little mushrooms sprout everyday from her belly
To be food for rabbits

The ocean brings hope and despair
Depending on the lunar moods
Once in a while the stars lit up the sky
Defeating the fog
Adorning the island as a princess bride

The island croons in the westbound wind
Hoping against hope
That her songs will reach human ears
On the shores of terra firma
Or to the unlikely ship of kilted warriors
Sailing across the grey rainbow

Seasons fold and unfold
Orchids bloom and die
No signs of gulls
No rabbits
No fishes
No men or mermen

The island withers in the embrace of sorrow
Dying a lonely death, each moment of eternity
Maybe one day the ocean will rise to her salvage
By taking her into its cerulean abyss

The island awaits that fateful day

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Karmic Cycle


I no longer know where you are
Or who you were
When you descend into the deep underbelly of Prague
In another man’s photograph

The curse of Karma breathing down on your spine
You stand frozen in the motion blur
As the Metro snakes through the tunnel
Hollow happiness betrays your fatherless eyes

You stole me from another
Another stole you from me
It is the law of Karmic cycle —
Proverbial bitch for all seasons

Life is a throw of dice
And History was made at games of gamble
You said ‘Moscow does not believe in tears’
But you haven’t played the end game yet

Photography by Sam Hurd
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Stuck On Festival Submissions

I haven’t been able to log on or even write anything these last few days since there was a film festival submission deadline for Busan and for some reason they only accept DVDs as screeners. Hence the film had to be converted into a VOB format, burnt on a DVD and then physically sent to South Korea through international courier. Lots of money and time spent, but its done now. So hopefully I will catch up from where I left πŸ™‚

Top 50 Movies of the 21st Century

Fantastic list that I bumped on to. Watched 21/50. The seeking starts now.


Top 50 Movies of the 21st Century

  1. Hypnosis Display (2014) – Paul Clipson


2. Trailers (2016) – Rouzbeh Rashidi

trailers ross

3. Century of Birthing (2011) – Lav Diaz


4. The Turin Horse (2011) – Bela Tarr


5. Un lac (2008) – Philippe Grandrieux


6. Β Stray Dogs (2013 – Tsai Ming-liang


7. At Sea (2007) – Peter Hutton


8. Atlas (2013) – Antoine D’Agata


9. As I Was Moving Ahead Occasionally I Saw Brief Glimpses of Beauty (2000) – Jonas Mekas


10. Post Tenebras Lux (2012) – Carlos Reygadas


11. Horse Money (2014) – Pedro Costa


12. A Spell to ward off the Darkness (2013) – Ben Rivers, Ben Russell


13. Heremias (Book One: The Legend of the Lizard Princess) (2006) – Lav Diaz


14. Night Awake (2016) – Sandy Ding

sandy ding (2)

15. La vie nouvelle (2002) – Philippe Grandrieux


16. The World (2009) – Takashi Makino


17. Werckmeister Harmonies (2000) –…

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Strangers, Consensual


Once upon a time, a decade later
When we are consensual strangers
My face would flash on your tram-ride
And you’d remember
You saw me on TV and wept

You tell me to write as often as I can
What do you know the battles I have to endure
The bloodbaths I have to brave
The monster that remains of my mangled heart —
Love oozes from it’s gooey wounds
And I bleed myself on keyboards

Once upon a time, a decade later
In a frugal moment of weakness
You’d drench yourself
In the pathos of the poems I wrote for you and me

At night, you’d read my poems
They would still tell the truth

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Circadian Rhythm


When the night wakes up in the middle of me
I lay beside your sleeping body
Hibernating my desires that disguise as armadillos

Low roars of your resting heart
Condone my erratic circadian rhythm

My canoe rides through the waves of your breast
Rising and falling and rising again
Unspooling a whirl of fire-flies in your dream

And when you turn and spoon me in your half-sleep
To leave a sigh on my neck
I unfurl in your warmth like herbs in a hot broth

Photography: Paul Schneggenburger

Mountain Drisk

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Call me when you need to get high
I stash melatonin and melancholy in cold dank places

We can shoot some and float through the mountain drisk
Our bodies would dissolve and coalesce into clouds
Meandering in and out of a critical density

We’d lash down as a million little hails
Dying a minor death inside our hearts
Every time the icy pellets hit the ground

I have found a way to unchain myself
And you have an open invitation

Image sourced from UNTIL THE LIGHT TAKES US, a 2008 Black Metal documentary film directed by Aaron Aites and Audrey Ewell