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Renny Ray is an Indian film director and screenwriter. Renny graduated with a Film Direction major from Filmová Akademie Miroslava Ondřička in Czech Republic. While in Europe he made a few film school assignments: a music video, two short films, ‘Marked’ and ‘Prelude To A Rendezvous’ and a documentary on film school fresh graduates titled ‘Head Full Of Dreams, Heart Full Of Promises’. Renny worked as a production trainee in Barrandov Studios Prague, as a brief stint in the American feature film ‘Last Knights’ (2015) starring Morgan Freeman and Clive Owen before returning to India. In India Renny worked as an assistant director in a couple of Indian films, ‘Hemlock Society’ and ‘Chotushkone’ in Kolkata before moving to Mumbai where he worked as a Creative Director with Brandish Media, a production company. During his time in Brandish Media Renny wrote and directed more than 25 audio-visual projects (commercials, corporate, engineering, promo and Bollywood events) with projects featuring Indian stars such as Farhan Akhtar, Arijit Singh, Sunny Leone and Neha Kakkar among others. ‘Karma Is A She-Wolf’ is his first feature film which he wrote, produced and directed under his own production label Mindfook Films.

Raenegade is the mononym Renny Ray uses to publish his poems, essays, short stories, musings and other written words.

Filmography as Writer/Director

Karma Is A She-Wolf (2017) (Drama, Mystery)
An accidental death of a man leaves his young, pregnant wife devastated, searching for answers, as the film reconstructs the series of events in backwards to uncover the dark truth that lies beneath the tragedy.

Head Full Of Dreams, Heart Full Of Promises (2015) (Documentary short)
Hopes, dreams and challenges faced by a group of young film graduates.

Prelude To A Rendezvous (2014) (Short)
A prisoner returns home to his lover, only to find that she has already moved on.

Marked (2013) (Short)
A hired gunman finds himself in a catch 22 situation as he faces death.

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