My body is mine but it is not me
Your body is your best weapon
We stand at the bedside
As our bodies dismantle and reassemble in the middle
Spiraling like two colliding galaxies
Hurling matter at each other

We float mid-air in the ripples of life
Two writhing bodies; fused, fermented —
In those brief moments of weightlessness
I wish I could drown into you
Never to rise again
Never to be apart

I love you
I truly do
But I would die for your body

About the featured artwork
Audrey With Toes And Wrist Bend, 2011 by Nadav Kander

At first glance the image of Audrey With Toes And Wrist Bent (2011) (see image above) by London based artist Nadav Kander looks like a painting, thanks to the rich and luxuriant surface of the work. In fact this work is a photograph and the effect was created by covering the sitter’s body with white marble dust, suggestive of the figures in marble friezes across classical buildings. The pale body and twisted limbs reference the work of 19th century painter Sir Frederic Leighton.

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