Last night
After I turned the lights off
It rained
And fishes drowned under the weight of water

Rouzbeh came to visit
His words bled colours
As his moustache danced and spoke
My room smelled of unicorns and hollow rainbow

And I said
God is an infant
He soils diapers
It’s Nature that’s wild and just —
Every man has a right to be happy
Every woman has a right to make him sad

Note: This poem was conceived entirely in an actual lucid dream at the early morning of 07.30.2017 and presented here without changing a single word.

Photography by Huseyin Sahin


5 thoughts on “Aleatoric

    1. Haha…I was a bit surprised myself. Generally a line or expression stays back after waking, but this time it was the whole poem and it made some abstract sense so I had to rush to my notepad. Incidentally I was watching some Rouzbeh Rashidi interview the night before. That must have been the source. Thank you 🙂

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