I live in the future
Memories of unlived life that I spin in my head
You lift my fishscales, my gills,
To check where the hook stung me
My future bleeds through my pores
No, it’s not red
It’s scarlet
Royal as fuck
Like a finger to your pretty face

I am the savvy poet of slums
From the underbelly of Mumbai
I handprint manuscripts for you
To display on your coffee table
Oh, and yes,
That is what I want too
Like all the other men
‘Cause, frankly, we both know,
Nothing else is on the offer

Artwork: THE UNSEEN, 2013 by Lara Zankoul


5 thoughts on “Royal

      1. That comment leaves me without words. Only because you seem to absolutely have a natural writing talent and ability. Some of you lines strike me so much I wish I’d written them. Lol

      2. Hey xen, you possibly can not estimate the impact of your comment. I never wrote much (except screenplays, which I have written some) and I never wrote for anybody else, simply because I never thought it was worth anybody’s time. Recently I asked an author friend if she would be my muse so I can write some poetry for her and she said yes so I am writing more than usual lol. But a comment like yours, whose writing I totally admire, encourages me like nothing else could. I thank you, not only because of your generosity but also for making me realise that I should write more often. In case if you are interested, please check the trailer of my first feature film KARMA IS A SHE-WOLF, because Cinema is my real turf. It’s been submitted to various film festivals and we are waiting for the results to come. You can search the title on YouTube or you can find the trailer on my homepage of this blog. Cheers for all the support. It means the world to me 🙂

      3. I’ve actually been meaning to check that out but time gets away from me often. Sadly. But I’ll definitely do it very soon.
        I’m definitely glad that I hit a good and sensitive spot within you of encouragement for exactly the right thing. You obviously have a wonderful muse.

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