The Uncanny Valley Of Dissonance


Don’t look away from the mirror so quickly
Greet your reflection
It is a spirit that talks
Your beauty makes you cringe
Your luscious body fails to hide the vacuous banality that you carry beneath
You say you are an artist
Your paintings possess my eyeballs
They explode my cranium
We become what we pretend to be
But I can foresee your future self
Drenched in disinfectants of private hospitals
Your shrivelled skin resembles the drying apple on your table
Once pretty and inviting
Now death lives inside it’s core
While defeat breeds in your heart
You are a goddess
Your arrogance demands devotion
Your blood-thirst cracks open an uncanny valley of dissonance
But remember
Every god has to die to make way for new gods

Featured Artwork: Cognitive Dissonance by Blavatskaya
Sourced from:


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