I Wish I Could Write Happy Poems


The midnight freight train trudges on
Like an alien millipede robot on gloomy hormones
The ground trembles like a woman in pleasure
Mocking the desolate silence of Mother Earth
A homeless tribe gathers around a bonfire
To grub through the discarded nightly-rejects
Of the neon resto-bar tables
Dogs with sad eyes have brought along thin puppies
Hunger gurgles inside the innards of the destitute
As sadness gurgles inside me
My inside sinks under the heaviness of a bass drop
My repressed tears evaporate through my skin
My regrets burrow deep down my entrails
I wish I could write something happier instead

Image sourced from www.favim.com


One thought on “I Wish I Could Write Happy Poems

  1. For myself it’s the darker things that speak to me and actually have a paradoxical effect, the make me feel. And often times those feelings are good.
    I love the dogs with sad eyes line

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