Playing Safe Is The Most Unsafe Thing To Do

A still from the film KARMA IS A SHE-WOLF (2017)

There is no point in being an average film director, the one who plays safe, abides by the rules and churns out uninspiring, unimaginative and inevitably unimportant films. These directors do not matter to the cinematic medium, no matter how popular they maybe.

The ones who do matter to the world of cinema are individuals who are driven to express themselves in their own terms using their unique voice in spite of mass rejection. They are not afraid to stand up and be heard in a crowded cacophony, like a lone wolf among a pack of dogs. Visionary filmmakers are not interested to be a part of the pack. The idea is to attack convention with imagination and inventiveness, to challenge and alter perceptions in cinema, and in the long run, society and its views, to set new standards of excellence.

The only way to go forward is to be brave enough to not play safe. Playing safe is the most unsafe thing that one can do as a film director.


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