Both Sides Of A Story

-Can I kiss you?
-What? No! We hardly know each other.
-OK, I just thought….
-Umm…maybe on the cheek
-Oh man I wasn’t ready for this
-Believe me, I was as nervous as you
-But you acted so cool, like nothing happened
-Did I have a choice?
-Will you grow a beard for me?
-I will. Will you marry me?
-I will.
-It was 9th of May…
-Come on, 9th of March, not May
-Oh yes. The night you returned.
-I dyed my hair red for you, remember?
-Yes. We got married that night. The fire was our witness.
-I wore that white dress and you put the red glitters on my lips.
-You made me happy that night. Really happy
-I was happier. I was the bride.
-You were the prettiest woman in the world that night. You still are.
-But you complain about me, my hair, my height, my weight.
-Woman! Only if you knew what you mean to me.
-Tell me, I am listening.
-You are the sun, the moon, the stars; you are my universe.
-Tell me more
-You are my child, my lover, my mother. You are a part of me. The love of my life
-Will you be with me?
-Eternally. Till my last breath. And we can have a Westie too.
-OK. But he has to come from a dog shelter.
-Fine. Do you want a son or a daughter?
-A son. But daughter will be nice too
-I want a daughter. Elena…maybe Oksana?
-No, Elena. And if it’s a boy?
-Andrei is good. I like Andrei.
-But will you feed them the anchovies? I mean they smell horrible…
-Come on, you don’t have to eat, let them have if they want
-Yes, I guess, after all they will be half Russian. Why are you crying?
-You are leaving today
-But we will be forever as one
-Will I ever see you again?
-Don’t be silly! Are you not my wife?
-Yes I am. I really, really love you man.
-And I love you more than myself. I will move the mountains to be with you.
-Promise me you will come back to me
-I will leave everything and everybody to come back to you
-Honey how are you doing these days?
-I am fine but I miss you
-I miss you too. Listen I am sending you a New Years Card
-Oh really. How lovely.
-Let me know if you like it.
-This is brilliant. You are my angel
-Thank you. You are my brown bear.
-I got a business card printed. With you and me on it
-Oh my god. It is so perfect
-Now we are official partners. I need you little girl, I depend on you
-Awww. I am coming to meet you
-Yes but you need to send the paperwork
-Did you get them? I sent it like fortnight back
-I did. But I am busy. I can’t apply now
-Come on. You can’t be late. You know how it is…it takes a long time
-I will. Please give me time
-But you are not doing anything. Why are you so lazy?

-Darling? Are you there?

-Where are you? Stop ignoring me! I hate you

-Where the fuck are you? How dare you?
-Look, I had a nervous breakdown
-Damn. I am so sorry, but you didn’t tell me
-I did. You were not listening
-Oh shit…I am sorry
-I really loved you.
-Why are you talking in past tense?
-I have no emotions for you anymore.
-What are you saying?
-You made me go away from you
– I am sorry sweetheart. I am so sorry. I didn’t know what I was doing
-It’s too late
-I am sorry
-What did I do to deserve this? Please tell me why can’t I get another chance
-It’s your behaviour
-I will change I promise. I won’t take you for granted
-It’s the distance
-I will come to you as soon as I could

-Baby? Can you hear me? Talk to me.

-Tell me what can I do to change everything
-Its not about you.
– It’s me. I destroyed everything. I am evil.
-You did nothing. You are not evil. We made mistakes. We will change
-Can we?
-We can. We must. Who shall quote Boris Ryzhie? Who will read?
-‘Let’s walk, my friend, along an empty street, where frozen clementines of street lamps hover’
-Who shall play Morphine and Pink Floyd? Who will listen?
-‘We were two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year’
-Who shall make buckwheat and salmon? Who will give a chocolate back rub?
-I need to think. I need a break.
-Please do. But don’t destroy this beautiful dream, this, this fairytale love story.
– We fought, we cried, we hurt each other.
-But we loved. And love we do. The love that happens once in a blue moon.
-It was pure. But now…
-Nothing has changed darling. You and I are still the same folks, under the same sun.
-Will it be normal again? Will you love me the same?
-No. I will love you more.
-But why?
-For now I know we are made for each other. You are my destiny. Darling?
-I love you.
-And I love you.


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