Ocean Of Untold Emotions

Lion City, China
Lion City, China

There is a scent in the evening breeze tonight
I raise my nose in the air and sniff
Like a dog sniffs allure at a bitch’s back
Oh I know that scent —

It’s the scent
Of solitude in coffee cups
Of apathy in smorgasbord
Of indulgence in lipstick smears
It’s the kind of sly, insidious scent
That buries you inside your own mind

She sent me a letter last night
Alright, alright….a digital letter…no more no less
So I play some Olafur Arnalds in the background
And read her words aloud
I pretend it’s a conversation
We talk, we laugh, we sit in silence
Amid potpourri and purring cats
We swim in the ocean of untold emotions
I get lost in her blonde curls
She is magic

And though six thousand kilometre seems a lot more
Than six degrees of separation
It’s still a finite space

Our hearts are infinite…relentless
And mine will crashland into her bubble-bath and sea secrets
Sooner or later

Artwork sourced from www.lolwot.com


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