Relics Of The Past


You were the star of my life,
The essence of my existence.
Till yesterday, my world used to spin around you.
Today, you are not a part of it anymore.
Even though I know well enough that you exist.
Somewhere in the outer space,
You are busy spinning other people’s worlds.
Once in a while I get a brief glimpse of you,
Like a shooting star.
It feels unreal.
In the real world of physical proximity all that I find
Are traces of what used to be;
A photo; a love note; a soft sweater.
Relics of the past, left behind for me.
The bed is suddenly so big.
The rooms suddenly have so much of breathing space,
That I can’t breathe at all.
It feels like a wasteland.
And it was so sudden that I haven’t come to the point of grieving yet.
I am still wondering,
How my world would spin without its very soul?

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