Adam looked out of the window. It’s a beautiful day. Sun was shining, birds were chirping. He knew he should feel upbeat and happy. And yet he felt totally depressed. He still could not digest the fact that Al had stolen Eva from him. He never believed in God, and now he knew he was always right.

Adam had not been lucky when it came to girls. For an absolute average Joe like him it had never been easy. He was considered a nerd in the school, and pretty girls avoided him like plague, even though he always excelled in school. Back then he thought he would be able to find someone really nice when he was older, as he would be successful and rich. However things didn’t go as Adam would have liked.

After graduating with a degree in Software Engineering Adam landed up with a lucrative job as a programmer. But six years in the company he knew he was stuck in this dead-end job with no joy at all. However something really nice happened. He met a girl at work. Her name was Eva.

No one would call Eva beautiful. She was this mousy, little, plain Jane. But she liked Adam. And that was enough for him. They used to have this little chats in their coffee breaks. Once in a while Adam would take Eva to a movie or a quiet dinner. Things were nice. Adam thought of settling down with Eva. But he could not pop the question in front of Eva. Every time he tried his legs would feel like jelly and he would start to stutter. For the first time in ages Adam prayed to God for help.

But nothing happened. Well, except this: Al appeared, out of nowhere.

It was a nice day like today, when Adam and Eva were called at the Vice President’s office. There was a fourth person in the room. He was a dashing, handsome, young man and a total stranger. The VP introduced him as ‘Al’, the new Project Manager who would oversee the project that Adam and Eva were assigned to. Adam wasn’t happy. He had a bad feeling about all this.

And he was right. Eva and Al grew closer and closer each day. She spent almost all her time with Al. Adam tried to speak to Eva about it but Eva had no time for him. So he started to ignore her. He could not believe how Eva had changed within a couple of weeks. Rage boiled in him. He wanted to confront God and ask for an explanation, but then he never believed in God in the first place. So he decided to confront Al.

That was last night before he went to bed. This morning, when he woke up Adam realised he will be late for office.

As Adam walked out of the elevator he came face to face with Al. Al was trying to get in the elevator. Adam blocked his way and asked Al why he stole Eva from him, when Al could have all the women in the world. Eva was the only one that Adam had. Why did he have to be such a dick? Al smiled, ‘My work is done here. I’m leaving. Go, speak to Eva. She is waiting. Good bye.’ Adam did not expect this. His mind was buzzing with questions but he didn’t show any of that. Instead he left Al and headed toward the office.

Eva was waiting for Adam in his cubicle. What Adam didn’t know was this: Al spent all his time with Eva to convince her about Adam – that Adam really loved her, and that he was a real nice guy and was perfect for Eva, but he was too shy to tell her all that.

Adam felt like a bundle of nerves right now. He didn’t know what to say or how to respond. Eva smiled at him with a certain knowing in her eyes. And then with a sudden dismissive nod she inched near Adam’s ears and whispered, ‘Silly, don’t you know I love you too.’

Time froze and things went floating in mid air, while a cannon ball of repressed emotions exploded inside Adam’s heart. Before he could digest all this, Adam found himself in the arms of Eva. His eyes welled up in tears of joy.

Through the haze of his tear-clouded vision, on the window pane, out of thin air, an image of a face appeared. To Adam’s surprise, it was Al with a halo around his head. Al spoke with a baritone voice, ‘I am the Almighty, Adam. I came here because you prayed for my help. You lost faith in me. But I still have faith in you.’


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