Two People

She says she is recovering from a fresh wound
It’s the hurt that makes her cold and confined
She asks him to stay away at a comfortable distance
And though he knows not why, he still abides.

In her cocoon of cigarettes and camouflaged smiles
A trip to an empty town, a barren tragedy
She lives another day, she walks another mile
Emptiness is comforting when she feels empty

It’s been days since the sands of her voice have fluttered
Weeks since the candies have crawled on her couch
She is living her life with gulls and anchovies
A reckless night-out with a cola and rum punch.

The halcyon walkways, the stone-cobbled streets
The innocent rhyming of ‘Dum-di-di-dum’
Life will offer her a handful of treats
A bowl of wild berries, a Crimean yellow sun

And before she knows it, the wind will flow
The wounds will heal and she’ll laugh again
But will she walk along with him tomorrow
Holding him, kissing him, driving him insane?


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