Top 10 Films

Even though a top 10 list can almost never be decisive , this is as close as it can get. True I had to overlook so many of my favourites but then again this is the whole point of this exercise. Or may be just to prove how futile this exercise is….

1.Stalker (1979) – Andrei Tarkovsky
2.Persona (1966) – Ingmar Bergman
3.Last Year At Marienbad (1961) – Alain Resnais
4.2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) – Stanley Kubrick
5.The Exterminating Angel (1962) – Luis Bunuel
6.Meshes Of The Afternoon (1943) – Maya Deren
7.Taxi Driver (1976) – Martin Scorsese
8.Paris, Texas (1984) – Wim Wenders
9.Charulata (1964) – Satyajit Ray
10.Eraserhead (1977) – David Lynch

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