The Fruits Of Agony

Beethoven-tile-vert 2

An artist with a chronic unstable mind casts an unsettling shadow over all his creation. His body of work is shrouded in a nebulous haze which understandably unnerves the ‘stable-minded’ majority. Most will run away from this perplexing abstraction. But the handful that have the courage to look into that mess will become engulfed by it. So much so that they won’t be able to look away anymore! The symbiotic relationship between unstable mind and creativity is evident and undeniable. Isn’t it amazing that one of the most powerful tale of human triumph, ‘The Old Man And The Sea’ was written by a clinically depressed man who eventually shot a bullet through his own head?

Note: 7 of these 12 artists committed or believed to have committed suicide or died of complications from failed attempts.


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