Altered State #4

Hello Clarice? Luke I am your father? Shit! Mandela Effect is real!!

No ‘Mirror, mirror,on the wall’, it’s ‘Magic mirror on the wall’? No Cup O’Noodles but Cup Noodles? Queen’s ‘We are the champions’ now does not end with ‘Of the world’? No ‘Looney Toons’ but ‘Looney Tunes’??? Mickey Mouse has no red suspenders? C3PO has a silver leg? ‘Interview With The Vampire’ and not ‘Interview With A Vampire’? No “Beam Me Up Scotty’? You cant beat Luke I am your father. And I remember Hello Clarice with crystal clarity. Hell, I must be delusional. Or possibly I am from a different reality merged into this reality when my parallel universe combined into this one. Fuck me.


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