The Occult Orison

A froth of fog crawls on Lake Cretacius
The icy forest laments black souls of the undead.
An ash-laden gloom, the crusty air –
Colder than a witch’s breast. This is the genesis
Of insipid depression, the child of the demiurge.
Behold the castle in the distance
Engulfed in this frigid landscape
Standing tall in her majestic desolation.

There! There she presides on her mighty throne
Of evil trinity – Sin, Serpent… Satan!
Oh unholy mother of Luciferus,
Queen of darkness, Goddess of mine!
Open thy Gates Of Doom.
For I have come
To walk these infernal fields with you,
To embrace your nocturnal cult of funeral moon.

Years I travelled the earth
To seek your plague, your evil altar;
Braved through nefarious blizzards —
Fought the bloodthirsty necrophagists,
Survived the seduction of the Viking Queen
and the claws of death of her patron witch.
On the treacherous fields of Mordor
I battled whores and hoards of nebula.
I climbed insurmountable monuments in mist
To surrender myself
At the twilight of your idol,
And kiss your feet.

Oh Hail my luminous Goddess!
Absolve me of my wrongs and
Baptise me in your prophetic revelation,
Under the sign of Hell
And the demented moonscape!
Burn me in your inflamed wrath,
Drown me in your evil gloom,
Embalm me in your blood and bile,
Smother me in your frostbitten kiss,
Bequeath me your love —-

Your love rages wild in my heart.
Let me crawl into the abysmal depth of your limbs
As you unleash your sardonic smile and carnal shriek.
Oh Almighty Feminine power,
Sing me the hypnotic hymn of threnody
And fornicate me with your seductive narcissism.
Satiate my demonic desire under the moon shadow,
Until the light takes our nexus to the neferland
To morph us into one single being.

My diabolic divinity,
Gaze at me and agnize —
We are one half of the other,
A child to the mother,
The man to the lover,
The evil to the Darkness,
The slave to the Goddess.
Enslave me! Embrace me!
Ave, ave, Satanas!
De mysteriis akromatas!
De mysteriis dom Satanas!
Ad majorem glorium Satanas!


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