The Goddess Has Spoken

A vortex of heat rose from the wind.
Grains of earth cracked
Into parched desolation.
For times unknown,
A cruel silence burned everything
Down into tattered sorrow.
Fear loomed among the wretched souls –
They won’t be absolved of their sins.
The silence was the rage of the  Goddess.
The silence was the cage of the Goddess.
She was wronged.
She was hurt.
Leaves turned to ashes. Stones cracked.
Sinners breathed doom.
And then……
Aeons later, a drop kissed on the desert.
A single drop of rain.
The rain dance.
She is putting on her dancing shoes.
A green leaf. A new shoot.
A mellow spot,
Armoured in an unconquerable heart.
The Goddess has ended her silence.
The Goddess has spoken.



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