God Has A Name

Cold pills and high grade cannabis. True hallucination. Auditory and visual. Paranoia and intense body-buzz. Enhanced perception and altered reality. Absolute, total mindfuck. I was at the edge of the universe staring at the illuminated nebula clouds and dying stars, contemplating God and simultaneous existences in multiple, parallel universes while feeling and hearing every single blood-cell moving in my veins and rushing to my heart giving mean acute heart attack, which was pounding and sounding like the thunderous beat of John Bonham’s lethal drums. And just when I thought it was the beginning of death — God revealed Herself!

She revealed herself in a sea of digital photographic self-portraits, commonly known as ‘selfie’. It was a raging storm, a marathon icy blizzard at the lonely heights of the Himalayas. I was flung high up in the air, ripped apart inside-out in her blinding Godly beauty. She relentlessly impaled me with her divine trident – and as I laid dying in a rapturous happiness and melancholy I found out for the first time: God has a name. And it is…


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