It’s hard to choose between your profile and frontal shots. Your extreme close-up frontals are breathtaking. Like a Japanese manga princess or ‘Hime’ as they call. Ethereal, unreal, dreamy. Almost melting from the edges of the frame. Exquisite, delicate features with the presence of a lance sharp nose. More than beauty, you are the idea of beauty itself – the essence of all that is good, like a Seurat painting of Paris on a lazy afternoon; languid and poetic. But somehow I love your profiles more. Partly because they are so rare. But also because they bring you so much closer to reality. Very hardcore. Very Tarantino: Jackie Brown. Full bodied, warm blooded. And that jawline! I’m ready to die multiple times for your jawline alone. And your nose is so nonchalantly sexual. That nose makes me want to dive into you. I think I’m more attracted to your nose than the more conventionally attractive parts of your feminine form. Not that they are any less mesmerising. But hey we are talking about your face here. And I just thought I will remind you again — that you are beautiful!


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