I saw myself drowning in a lake. heavy drops of icy water stabbed on my chest in a steady rhythm, and when I made myself listen to the sounds of the rain-drops, indeed, they fell in a delicate rhythm of slow ballet. It was so pretty that I had to deny myself having seen you on the bank as you watched me drown with a pristine Victorian detachment. The mysterious sounds of nature, the silence in between and your distant fragile face veiled behind the misty rain – I couldn’t decide which one was more beautiful. I wished I could momentarily pause my imminent doom to feel the warm grass again, see the stars at night, run my fingers through your hair, smell your skin, if only for one last time. And as I bade farewell to you, I whispered, ‘Let me drown lover, so that I can find peace at last. ‘Cause your heart would have broken if you really tried to know me.


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