The howls of the greywolf invokes the night
As the pale moon shines on the waveless lake
I wait for thee in the misty Carpethian
Marooned in the night and her eerie opaque.

I’ve come to wake thee up from slumber
My languid, darkened, lustrous queen
We are an ancient breed of an unholy kingdom
We are the raven-haired, we are the inky-winged

Lo and behold! The elysian Princess
Has sprung to life in her nocturnal spell
She is weaving a poetic charm in motion
Of moths and mist and Slavic tales.

Beneath the stars thy flesh bedevils me
Thy fragrant smile smells like wine
The malefic red of thy abysmal kiss
Thy scarlet gaze, my breathless sigh.

Bequeath to me thy eternal embrace
Unfurl thy wings my beloved queen
We’ll ride the lightning to Castle Eternus
The kingdom of ours far from human beings.


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