God’s Man of Pain

He knew some people were just born to be in pain. He knew that’s what made them the greatest. Like Vincent, like Kurt. And right now, he was in terrible pain. He wanted to take a break and cry alone. He wanted to go into his shell. He was trying to understand how much did he have to suffer. He needed to figure out how to survive this torment cause he knew it would be there till the last day of his life. He would never be loved again. Never. Ever. By anyone. He, the loneliest human soul on the planet. He was the new Vincent. He just wished he was a sponge, so he could absorb all the pain from everyone else so they could be happier than they were yesterday. And her. He wanted her to have everything good that God had reserved for him. To the last drop. The last penny. The last laughter. The last happiness. He was OK with pain. He was doing OK. He was God’s man of pain.


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