A New Home: A New Hope

Mumbai. What can I say? Its been two weeks since I moved here for good. It’s huge, it’s crowded, but it’s also very welcoming. It’s been so hectic since the last half a year or so that I couldn’t write anything other than film scripts and dialogues. Does not look like it will get any easier now that I am in Mumbai. Cinema is a bitch. It takes everything away from you, so you can surrender yourself to it completely.

This morning trapped inside my tiny apartment by an untimely rain I got some time for myself. So after a long time I went to YouTube for song hunting. Look what I found. It took me by a whirl of emotion. By the end of the song I was crying like a baby. No, I’m not ashamed. I miss my son, my Labrador retriever, Prince.


Here is the music video: Home by Naughty Boy feat Romans.