Je suis Charlie


I had to break my silence today. This is not a time to remain silent. Too worked up to write anything constructive though, right now. My heart burns for those martyrs of free speech in Paris, more so because I happen to experience that city’s love of art and freedom of expression first hand. I also know the dark side of extremist radical violence first hand, being from India and having lived in a radicalized Islamic neighborhood. My dog (a most lovable, docile Labrador who I consider as my son) was attacked by Muslim kids with bombs and firecrackers while my Muslim neighbors watched in silence because my parents were not of their faith. Don’t you dare question my tolerance, because I am an atheist and do not favor or despise any specific religion. But don’t you expect me to show tolerance or be indifferent to these radicalized, coward motherfuckers who attack and kill people in the name of faith. Fuck you terrorist pigs! Je suis Charlie Hebdo! Je soutiens et je suis solidaire à Charlie Hebdo!


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